Dawn Nguyen / Creative Fashion Designer

 Dawn moved to California when she was in her early 20's. She came from Asia to pursue the American dream. She initially attended Riverside Community College where she received both an A.A and an A.S. She then attended the University of California, Riverside where she graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management with a focus on Human Resource Management. It was during this time that she was selected as part of a group of twenty-three students to study at the University of Oxford in their "Global Enterprise Management" program. She obtained a certificate from this program which was given her by the directions of the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford and the School of Business Administration at the University of California, Riverside. Next, Dawn attended at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) where she attended and subsequently completed the P.D Program Professional Designation Program) Fashion Design. During time in school and after completing her studies, Dawn has gone on to develop the brand Dawn Sunflower launched Online, and a line of couture evening gowns which have been displayed on the runway, on television, at charity events and in various magazines including British Vogue,  Bazaar, Tatler, Glamour, Hollywood Weekly, Shannon Hollywood, Vietnam Bazaar, FCM, Sicky, iMute, etc.  Dawn continues to love her designs philosophy of "Creativity - Heart - Emotion. She is continuing to achieve that American dream through her hard work and dedication to her craft.
Dawn Sunflower ~ Creativity - Heart - Emotion